Friday, March 30, 2007

A Day of My Social Work in year 2002

Ankhon Dekha Haal!!

Wednesday, 23-Oct-2002, I have to leave for Raipur to organize a Career Guidance program for the student around Raipur. I was still having waiting list, not sure to be confirmed, I tried to get PNR status from the Indian railways website and phone, both were not working. So left office by 4:50PM to catch the train from the source (CSTM), Did not taken anything to eat, thought there will be pantry car, but to my bad luck there was no such facilities. Was hungry till the train reached Nagpur, I was having a plan to get fresh at Station and have something, then will leave by Hawra mail, but I got a train for Raipur, by which I have saved 1:5 hr at the cost of my lunch.
After reaching Raipur, I started my campaign from Kabir Mandir, then some house, some calls, till 10 PM, Suresh and myself run from hostel to hostel giving notice and making lots of calls. It was real struggle as nothing was much fixed, few of them know, but dint thought of informing it to others. We called students given the notice for their notice board.
This time, I had given roles to some of the student to bring other students from their hostel. I told, I am coming to your hostels since last year, your strength in the occasions has never made me happy, Well this time I am giving you challenge to show your leadership, to motivate other student on the subject, which I am going to explain, I am not going to take permission from your hostel wardens, are asking each one of you to come. Just take a note, “Its about career guidance, will be given by Prof N L Sao, and few more from industries/employment, you can take a chance, I know you are going to like it. You are not the one who doesn’t know many thing, you are the people who knows everything you needed. For “MUJHE KUCHH KARNAA HAE” what is needed is to be motivated. If you like people who can motivate you to achieve your goal then, I am sure it will be worth coming”? I don’t know what happened in the mind of 2 students, they visited each room explained the subject on their own language with their own understanding. I could see after reaching venue the leaders was happy, as they have pulled the crowd of 50 students from a single hostel.
Some 25 students (mostly 6th to 10th ) were on the way to attend the program but has been told to return by their seniors as they were supposed come after school, if they had come, it would have been difficult to manage also on that hall.
Participants (Students) have come well before time, so I started giving the brief about the day’s subject. Started with- why we should participate on such kind of program: (Topic Discussed by me)
• IQ, EQ, SI (in Hinglish)
• Two types of brain (Thinking and Feeling)
• Advantages/Disadvantages of EGO
• Importance of Motivation
• How Initiatives we are.
• Queries solved some 10 questions off stage.
• Briefing of our samiti its functionality, future plans, Library, and SGGSS member introduction.

This entire subject (mentioned above) was a kind of preludes before any talk, so that Students attention was maintained consistent. (My talk was 20mt. 5mt, 5mt, 5mt, 5mt). Program formally started with the guidance of:
• Prof. N L Sao (Education, Higher Studies (40mt) and Employment including tips for Many How to's, Student were noting down the tips. Cool (30mt)),
• Prof Ramteke (Co-orative societies, Welfare (5mt)),
• Prof. B P Joshi (Students guidelines in General (30mt))
• Prof. Meena Banjare (Links of Education, Employment and Business (5mt)),
• Mr. Chadokar (From Central Industries Institute, Talk on Business and Employment, heartily appreciated by many (20mt))

SGGSS member present on the occasion:
• Mr. Nakul Baghel
• Mr. Gagendra Jangade (With bhabhie jee)
• Mr. Suresh Banjara
• Om Prakash Baghel

Program jeenake mehnat se sampann huaa:
• Mr. Suresh Banjara (Daudayaa...almost 48 hrs.... he sprained his leg)
• Dr. Gritlahare (We were hungry and was busy ...till 12:00AM on that day)
• Mr. Ashish Baghel (Fully managed what is needed for the occasion, visited hostel before we had reached)
• Vidyaa Charan Baghel (visited hostel before we had reached, hospitality)
• Prabha Banjare (Student) (gone to each room of her hostel. Has credit of bringing 50 girls from hostel, It was challenge I had given to them...they accepted and did)
• Om :-)

After the closing of program, we have discussion on how to organize this kind of program in future, how to utilize the library, what kind of book and information they can get from the library. Girls were asking for issue of books to there hostels, for a week or so, then return. I have taken their suggestion positively to formulate the rules of library book issue.

Other work done during this visit were:
• Cleaning of library after monsoon room was quite different.
• Checked out the numbering of books (Seal on the books has been done)
• Can make few more members in Raipur.
• Increase the awareness about library and our activities in Raipur and Bhilai.
• Increase the awareness SGGSS amongst ladies and people in Raipur.
• Given charge to open library to one more student (Promised me to open on weekend)

Well I have participated in the sessions of Prof Sao at Bhilai and Raipur; I had been with their group, given talk on socialistic development and have answered queries on IT and higher education. During my visit to Bhilai, we had a meeting at Mr. Gidole’s house about 10-12 people were present. I have kept point on Family culture adoption. Means we should not only try to meet family at our native’s relatives but others also, so that learning will be two ways. On this point, some of people from Mumbai will go C.G. and have get together, bring some good things (Culture) increase social awareness, think about problems and work on solution. Same way as people from C.G. wanted to come Mumbai, Delhi , have get together , discuss about issues and plan for future. People wanted to learn the way SGGSS function. (How to work for society like, we are doing).

Well I have promised students that, we will bring student from different part of country and let them meet our student from C.G. let them learn from them, or at least we will find how much the learning culture is different between two parts of country. If this works, It will be magic for then and us also. Student can from KG to college. This has been supported heartily by parents and children both, was real exciting. In hostels, villages. and in city , that will be “Learn from the Root”. All can be maintained under the banner of SGGSS.

Note: SGGSS- Society I formed in Mumbai
IQ- Intelligence Quotient
EQ- Emotional Quotient
SI/SQ- Social Inteligence/Quotient
CSTM- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal Mumbai- Bussiest Railway station in India

I Earn People

This is being so nice..which I mention a lot that i am surrounded by nice people. Here it goes ..I am going to Mumbai after year and half...I have no real relatives in Mumbai...but more than dozens of home..where i can stay as home...and i am calling everyone that not to expect me in their house. Its so nice when i met this people new friends and then when this bond of relationship made between us...everyone i called are saying let me know whats your plan to stay and house is open for you.

I am expecting quite a few at airport and a lot of family to visit in Mumbai..My friends ...I am really proud at all of you.

All I have earned is your friendship...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Subconscious Mind

I just took a nap of 30 minute in which my subconscious mind was working ..seams i was having a flash look on which i have lived a life of more than a day with activities could not be finished in 30 minutes to describe....So it seams subconscious mind works a lot faster than actual(conscious) mind or mind during the normal dreams.

In this 30 minute, mostly i have lived as what i felt, i thought, and experienced analyzed myself over my pasts gave me good feeling that i wanted something happen to me did in this period. I was hanging out with the dream person ..with whom
i wanted. We were happy, singing, dancing ..eating out..basically having great time...all that could happen in that 30 minute. WOW

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome to America!!

Every year...I loose some money...some i really dont understand...this year is too tax consultant says...welcome to America..
Heres some
Got a news from my tax consultant ...I have to pay 5000$ what...will write experience with America...
Last year was unwanted tax 1200$..came to me since i bought car from Ebay.
Before that mechanic screwd my car engine ..and new one costs me 1800$...i have no one to look for but to accept.
There are many others to mentions..smalls not in thousands....

Weird (Funny) Phone Calls

Last week I was in Atlanta for work, was staying in hotel, here is this weird caller asked me some weird question and that made me loose my sleep and laugh whole day over the question. Here it goes:

Tring Tring Tring then Vasigara ring tone i have in my cell phone;

Me: Hellowwwwwww...(Dude its 8:00AM in the morning)...little confused since it was not on my phone book.

Caller: Hi, Can I speak to my Wife?

Me: (What ...i might have heard wrong can he is asking permission to me to speak to his the it can be...anyway..i was polite may be something else) ...Hmmm..whats your name...I dint get u what u asked...

Caller: Hi I am..XXXX...Can I speak to my wife?

Me: (Dude..He is sure he is sure ..his wife is with me...that was freaking crazy..i put the phone in mute ...and laughed hard ...leaving my bed...laughing and looking for water...Guy was passionates..and confident...I need to laugh asked)..Well ..I dont know whom you r talking about..whats her name?

Caller: Brooke .....

Me: (Thats it....still laughing) ...Well i am sorry buddy...

Caller: (Seams he looked at the number ..whom he has dialed..)...Oh..wrong number!!!


More funny callers will be listed soon .........

Friday, March 23, 2007

As The Day Goes

I was happy because:

I have always been guy who listen and talk, sometime my talk takes in the form of speech, so called it it goes:

1. I felt happy when a small kid wanted to follow my dance at Deepu's marriage, and asked me how he is doing.
2. I felt happy when a 90 old lady wanted to hear about America, its people and its culture in my village.
3. I felt happy when i was learning ice skating almost gave up ..then cute girl came and ask to hold her hand and follow her.
4. I am happy bcz i got red eye during 3rd year college picnic to mandu and 3 of my juniors brought medicine and wanted to take care of me.
5. I am very happy bcz when i got headache my 3 year old cousin put the balm on my head and said...i will take for sleep bhaiya..
6. I am very happy for the first time i went to dance in America of the most beautiful girl wanted to dance with me if i don't mind...I danced 2 feet apart :))
7. I felt amazing when the morning rays came to my eyes while sleeping at tent in grand canyon..
8. I felt very happy when my middle school teacher proudly said to my high school teacher that..he is from my school..and i am proud of him.
9. I felt challenged and great, when my father challenged that ..shorted in life has no meanings..unless its knowledge...which is what i am gonna give my front of 7000 people.
10. I felt happy reading this line "Knowledge without communication is handicapped, and communication without knowledge is blunder" back in 1997 while reading "Reader's Digest".

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stupid me!!!

arey ab laataa hae dil koh kisi koh
deke chhutkaaraa luin
bahut dard detaa hae
hatey balaa mere se!!!

I was into above thought and many other thoughts came to me from last many years...i became kinda emotional...i was at gas station...refueling the car...I thought its summer car must have been bad during winter i pressed buy car wash that to premium one..then looked at the car ..realized dude ..its rental :))) hahaha...I bought car wash for rental ...Stupid me....

Anyway..its white 2007, Mitsubishi Galant, with just 8800 miles on it...It looked really nice on it...I dint regretted on my act...but laughed so hard that nobody does that.

Its Too Salty

This is killing me..First night dinner at Olive garden they brought me really salty soup..asked for some other..that one was salty too...ever since i am trying in every other kind of restaurant in Atlanta..Its freaking me out...everywhere its too lot of lemon and artichoke with my real hot (Red Chili pepper) fish at Greek restaurant last night...put my stomach and throat in bad shape...Could be another reason ...I have been working too much..dint have rested for almost a month..feeling really sick..but still have to do my work...until 30th before i will leave for vacation.

I guess this city likes the salty food...went to Indian restaurent(Minerva one of the best Indian food chain)...they had their food salty too...GOD..needs to run for bed..for days...and nights..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Coming Back To Life"

Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of lifeand the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun

""I took a heavenly ride through our silence"" ...Words and words all that matters..
..I dont know whats more true..its forgetting the past or feeling of falling in love again...whatever it is ...its such a great song...listen with proper music will love it forever.

Laugh at me

# At age 4 I was stuck (hanged) over the fence for half an hour because of my Christmas kinda undy which has thread ..and cause me hanged there while trying to jump over the fence of a closed park.

# When I went out for fishing at age about 12-13 …even though I was vegetarian but I used to like catching(hiding inside water) the slippery fish…unfortunately I actually cached a water snake(DhoDia)..not harmful ..but it was pretty scary to bring that up..saying..HEY GUYS I got some big fish…and it turned out to be snake…it does not bite ..just roared at me ..i threw 5 feet and came out of water screaming like hell…

# I climbed in cumini tree to get black cumins …I went all the way on the top of the tree…looked down …and that scared me like hell…could not dared to put my feet any up or down…eyes widened …telling all the bad words to myself and Thinking what the hell I have done..anyway …I did managed to get down..but laughed so hard at my foolish act of climbing on the top of the tree ..that to into a straight surface tree…

# Once group of friends dared to take bath in cold water at night during winter was about 35F outside..and almost kinda zero inside was middle of the night..we jumped into the tank…in a minute getting out was so tough…our hands and feet could work well…almost gotten straight…came out put ourselves in fire…and beat the guy who brought that freaking idea to us. We played a game called kabbaddi (In picture) whole night

# Once we went to riverside to pick Amrud( guava fruit) from someone else baaDi(farm)…we dint know rather than dog …this guy will have a wild bull in his field …man…looking at his horns…running at the speed of light towards us…made us scared to death…we run into the river straight….

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Special one!!!

Over the Billions ppl, you think you are special..if u does ..then u are...that was my topic...i was about to write as being special in your own way...but i have view over..someone treats you as special makes million dollar difference.


Friday, March 16, 2007


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

U & I

Who invented A,B,C,D,E,..............................Z did a great
But he kept U and I very very far.

But I still got a place where U and I are very close..... in fact

Do you know where U and I can be together.........

Come on ........

Say .......say

Scroll down..
It is on the keyboard.....

Stupid, don't see the keyboard now!!

Because of different emotions life is beautiful, Enjoy it.

Okay...I am at the middle of my work..its been 14 hrs in past 24 hrs i have worked...God...i could see myself as same person since last night nothing computer my work my office and me. thatswhy i hate being or doing or making that does not count to be many.

In a single day, I can be happy, the same can behave differently to different people...nice, rude, mean, loving ..caring ..sharing..we cant stay along at one emotion...If you can then u r god or animal..a worst one.

Try this excercise ..find yourself in a day...Call it 24hr to Stupid Om's formula.
Make table

First hour--Activity, mood(willingness), happy/sad, behaved(mean, nice), percieved(stupid/nice/whatever) by by other ..if no one around by urself as third person.

do it...see urself...See i can make u busy :)))

Kidding...because of different emotions life is beautiful, Enjoy it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice occurrences in past 24 hours!!

Be nice to everyone angels are everywhere. Its so true, I have seen this so much in this past 24 hrs.

1. Gas Station-> I was running really late, needs to cover 350 miles(Chicago downtown to cleveland airport) in 5 hrs 50 minute come home pack my bag for next five days, and head to airport, stuck into traffic not much 10mt, missed the exit 10mt, still positive to catch the flight, dint have lunch or breakfast, went this gas station there was queue not much but 4-5 ppl but that can take my 15 mt, told them the reality..she packed drink ...biscuits and all in 2 mts ..headed to car..She wished me good luck..really really from heart ..with smile ..saying boy make it.

2. Ohio Cops-> Driving 85-90 in Ohio is like putting urself in hand of so many cops ready to tag ...r not from u go...but anyway i know ohio cops..and i know i have to deal with eat....I met 3 cops...drove 77, 75, 79..none caught me in front of them...really thankful for that.

3. Air hostess shared her sandwich-> So i dint have lunch ...breakfast...and now dinner since i jumped into the plan 4 minute before it leaves...I had double security check..boarding gate was in terminal D atleast a mile..running walkaway was not working... So i did run with my two bags...made it..tired ..pain and hunger..when air hostess came to me with pinute...I cracked ..Man..An hungary man for whole day got pinute to eat ...she laughed asked..thats all she has...but after making fun of myself with my story..She actually brought her sandwich to me ..saying ..its got can have one..util u reach atlanta...That was too nice..........

4. No cabs...someone dropped me to hotel 7 miles in Atlanta.
So I reached Atlanta at 11:40PM it was late so thought will have dinner at hotel..lets catch the ..airport train..then marta train with one change took 55 minute to reach northsprings....Reaching there i dint find cab...or may be i was in wrong when i was in train i was talking to one fellow...he saw me there standing waiting...asked me its okay ..he can drop me to was one around...that did matter a lot to him..i paid his parking for 4 days at the station and he dropped me to hotel...that was so great.

5. All food places closed at 1:00AM..Hotel receptionist brought food for me..
This was last in row...Came hotel about 1:00AM..Sunday night at 1:00AM no restaurent opend at that time..I said there anything i can get from hotel ..or order..she said ...sir its too late...but they know one place..24hrs...I dint have car...stuck...looked at my face..undertood me..and said they can do it for me...can go and bring the food...I was amazed ...i know i cant sleep whole night if there is nothing in my stoumuch ...and i have to work next morning with something very new to me...So i accepted that offer ...and went to room thanking all the nice people i have seen in single day.

Just a day with nice people.....How much lucky i was ....Thanks guys.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Search and call from computer though brings free call from ur computer to any bussiness number that live brings with search, No need to have phone wow!! Love it..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MakeMyTrip.COM Beware!!! BOMB

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Vinita' (after 5*13 Minute)
Vinita: Namaste & greetings from MakeMyTrip. How may I help you?

OM: hi
OM: its been really too long waiting
OM: u there
OM: booking confirmation number: MMT-D480926..there is something wrong with website
OM: it dint show me total and all
direct booked triple the cost available
OM : why would i select..if its know bfr confirmation
Vinita: yes sir we have the booking for confirmed here
OM: no
i dont want dint showed me the price
OM: bfr confirmation
OM: Vinita
Vinita: before making the payment the site shows the detail and only the pasenger make the payment
OM: no
OM: showed me initially 2362
OM: and at the end it has to show what the total is going to be
OM: it dint rcpt of 7533
OM: its too high
i cant buy ..tkt
OM: for that price
Vinita: im sorry sir but now you have purchased it
OM: what do u mean...ur bad design should not cost customer
you have to cancel this if you do not want it
OM: even its bullshit
OM: it dint accepted my first name
OM: Om
OM: says minimum 3 lts
OM: ltrs
where the hell i will get that
OM: i have to name does not match and i dont wanna pay that much
Vinita: but we have received the payment as well as the booking has done
OM: so what...
OM: i have to cancel
OM: my office is not gonna pay it
Vinita: yes sir but there will be cancellation charges of 750 per paassenger per sector

OM: what do u mean
OM: i will loose 750 for nothin
OM: what is per sector?
OM: why u r taking so long to reply
Vinita: that is the cancellation charges sir
OM: why...dint u see my point
Vinita: you will be loosing 1500 as cancellation charges in total
OM: u guys need to show the conf before booking that everyone does in this whole world
OM: what
OM: price was difft
OM: when i looked
OM: u cant charge me
without showing me the total cost
OM: right?
Vinita: that can not be possible before making payment the site show the total amout that you have to pay for the bookng
OM: no it dint
OM: thats ur page dint show me
try urself
OM: dont cheat on customer
OM: ??
i have checked in the back end also sir the site showed the details to you
OM: Vinita dont tell me this
OM: i dont wanna talk abt things i do it myself
OM: i am developer myself
OM: M'm what u doing
OM: its 1:30AM its been frkg 2hrs
OM: answering every qn in 10 mt
can i talk to ur supervisor or manager

OM: not about complain but to tell the truth
OM: ur website did not showed me the total cost
OM: and i have been ripped off
which i am not gonna accept
Vinita: please wait for a moment
OM: yeah...but conider this its 1:30AM
OM: i am in US
OM: not india
OM: used ur freaking website since deccan dint accepted my credit card
OM: to book
OM: its very logical for me ...i will not book the price which is tripple then deccan
OM: and i hope u r not gonna incash this ...that i made wrong choice by using
OM: suggested by friend
OM: right

OM: it showed me some flash allow screen...
OM: and then payment one
if that is the reason not displyed the page between
OM: i have no idea
since ...see i cant buy this tkt
OM: its too costly
Vinita: im sorry but this is what you have booked for yourself
OM: well this bad
Vinita: if you want you can cancel it
OM: but just with i am gonna loose 1500 bucks
do u see its logical
OM: Vinita..plz u need to understand...
OM: how can i will buy a ticket when there is 2300 tickt avlbl
Vinita: but im sorry sir i can not do anything as of now
OM: what do mean
OM: as of now
: what u can do later on?
sir if you dont want this you can go with cancellation.besides that i can not do anything
OM: what do u mean
OM: asking me give 1500
OM: bcz i choose makemytrip
Vinita: 1500 will be deducted from the amount you paid and rest will be refunded to you in 10 working days to your credit card
OM: Vinita thats bad trik
OM: need to talk manager
i can give you my manager's email
Vinita: Anything else I may assist you with?
OM: haha
OM: yeah save my 1500 bucks
Vinita: im sorry i can not do that
OM: why...thats not ur job...when u see
OM: the genuine customer
who wanna use ur website
OM: i will reconmend and use only if service is better right
OM: at some point hope u understand
Vinita: that is not in my hand to waive off the cancellation charges.
OM: there should be chance to save
Vinita: the service is absolutely fine sir
OM: that happens a lot in US
OM: whos hand it is than?
OM: I have not taken u guys
OM: service to critisize
OM: i know there is big difference in two end of the world
OM: but i still hope
OM: it should not be cheating in either case
OM: u guys have enough time to sale the ticket
OM: right
OM: how am i supposed to take this as positive
its not at all fair...
OM: I was using deccan they dint accepted my came to ur website..after my friend said try
OM: i heard its great
but turns out be the something ...i dont know what to say..unless i will get anwer
OM: i hope should be postive
OM: writing this to Geeta
OM: U see what i mean
It can take the advantage of ppls innocence...if there is reason has to be
OM: way to save ...for everyone

Many Thanks,
"be good to everyone, Angels are everywhere"

Friday, March 02, 2007

Do you have more proud moments than regrets??

Beleive me this works, if wanted to be happy and just remember few of your proud moments, you will find yourself smiling and confident again. Also if wanted to know what kind of person you are take two row start one for proud moments and one moment of regrets ..mark each the end wichever has the bigger list defines what kinda of person you are; proud or sad...Congrats if you are Proud and Please work on your memories if you are sad to remember proud moments.

Regardless of what you are in life, everyone has moments of proud and regrets!! Counting the days when you were kid and you made proud to you parents with honesty, innocence and inteligence with full of curiocity on why!!! Each Why brings different smile in your parents face and so does you get love and affection in returns made you proud that you are a proud kid to your parents :))

When you go out from your house next biggest proud station is your school when all trains(individual) has to stop, take a direction(Education) and go on tracks(Life) to Run, you starts making proud with where you are stopping and what you are giving in between; achivements and grades counts but you know ...where you stops whats your next station matters...a good school a good education in terms that provides the skill and knowlegege that you need for you path is more important.