Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am looking 4 a girl to enjoy my with her

Heres My math for Gals, Please let me know if it fits, I am not needy and i am not crazy...but this is me being lazy...

About my proposal...
even if i get
50% Physically attracted (mine works as 40% body, 20% face, 20% color, 20% cloths and makeup.),

if 50% Emotionally attracted (40% being nice, 20% sweetness, 20% care for me, 20% could see bond between),

if 50% Socially /Culturally Attracted(50% origin/nationality/race, 30% knowledge, 20% Communication)

Writing about all these make no sense sometime and it make hell lot of sense sometimes, since we look for things that works for us. One thing i have seen, as we grow in relationship, our liking or disliking grows with all the parameters i have mentioned, at some point in your life you will find that things are moving in direction that you have never emagined, call it our attitude and expectations towards life changes all the time which is the biggest negotiating factor for relationship. One very funny comment i had from my uncle, my uncle and Aunty fights on daily basis, one day i was amaged and asked for explaination on how their marriage has gone this long when they fight everyday, he says you can fell in love with animal also who barks you everyday after being with'm for sometime it has happend with works...This is not my answered...but it put me on deep thought...and i laughed hard too..

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