Friday, January 12, 2007

Echoa-French Connections!

In Picture: Front Row, Me, Eléonore
Back Row: Camille, Christian, Samuel, Thomas

It was boring sunday night in Cleveland, and i thought to avoid cold and sit at home going to Mercury Lounge for little dance and music will be fun which is femous for International Roma night every sunday.

There were not many people and not much of happening however at the corner of the dance floor i see a group of people enjoying and dancing. Their dance made me interested to know about them, before saying hello, i started dancing with Eléonore, which was welcomed and friendship started. Meeting them made me to go and see their play 'ECHOA- percussionnistes danseurs'( ) and visit next day to see their cultural and art exhibition next day, and party after.

These people are really artist and beautiful by heart. Everyone has been so nice and so friendly, made me think of visiting France and see them, thanks for the invitation guys (Eléonore,Thomas,Camille, Christian,Samuel ) i will surely visit in near future.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

Viva la France.

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