Tuesday, December 05, 2006

LifeTime Difference !!

Being a Modern physics student, i can explain it better to get 10/10 in terms of matters and physics, however let me try to make it for human life, how close i am to 10.

Article is to inspire those who thinks they dint get things they should have thats why they are left behind.

Everyone got one life, how they live and what they do, what they leave behind that makes the difference. Its obvious for us to believe that lot of people has advantage over things like:

Money: It might be little easier for rich to get access to tools but knowledge everyone has to go through same path.

Family: Family plays important role in building your future at early age, however as you grow you see the world as you want to, there little mind of
yours can play trick to pick right or wrong, its human curiosity by nature to judge right things without help of anyone.
At age 5 my uncle tried to trick me with 10 paesa for 25 paesa saying its bigger in size, however my learning was with this small size money i can buy more sweets than big one, so dint trade. (for Americans, its like size of 10 cents coin is smaller than 5 cents)

I believe in saying "Guru bin gyaan kahaan" means without Guru no knowledge, and then mother as your first Guru, Yes she is, I will say if you don't have mother who can teach you ABC at early age, Her love can teach you million things that you never get anywhere, and i believe thats equal for every mother to their child, irrespective of her being educated or illiterate.

Country/City: Oh yeah!! i am from
Norway, I have right for free education as much as i want, where's people from India, China giving their lifesaving to send their child to US for higher education, what you learn people?? it does have advantage, but that does not stop you to learn what American University will teach you will not have at your door, get the book learn and break the rule. Native advantage plays big role at start then life is all about learning and utilizing what you have learned.

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