Thursday, October 26, 2006

The tale of two elections

Good to see election here, quit different than i know. Its second election since me being in US, the last and biggest was US presidential election, bit of everything, the most funny was Ohio and California where i found people actually think at one place and don't at another.

Here is what my favorite things i have learned: Election here are quite different unlike India where its more of drama and too much of funfair, people take election so seriously they do killing booth capturing and buying votes, here everything is on words well formalized, now its up to u how mature u can make ur statement of lie or truth, is it well heard or not all these things matters.

Where in India, election promises are like, i will build Temple or i will destroy mosque, i will take care of my castes, community, religion and my relatives of the line getting there job done, and i will take care of all businessman who will bear my election costs, so on and so forth...No one promises for i will make schools or college like that...i promise that road which leads to city i will make them good, that electricity that does not reaching to millions of home living in jungle i will make your house brighten, that water u get from nearby tank i will make them clean those are the promise i have been waiting for decades.

Everyone shows up with mike and radio in hand talks about promise and leaves with dust, once they win the election they will never gonna show up.

I like election here, atleast if u r smart enough u cant be fooled here, they shows there promises in papers and later on media digs that a lot to make it work, however not fully but most of things are layed in front of people before vote, not like cash or gift before voters in India the night before election.

I hate elections, but i am gonna fight myself someday.

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