Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Laptop has got magic!!

I am just thinking for million dollar prize for Intel, Its funny but lets see if this will be how my new laptop.

Small as a size of lunchbox (Can be even small but DVD/HD-DV player needs 3.5 size).
With built in projector for screen upto anything, depends on power of lamp (I am not talking about heat producing projector lamp), then laser projected keyboard wherever u want, put your laptop with screan hung with box and see a virtualy none existense screen but just picture perfect image or video, dancing singing in front of u.

You can project keyborad in ur left hand and type from right hand or just got bored then project in air with laser image and type in air (Cool), like moving hand in Air.

Think about this, that box is magic box for u.

Will post image and other, what i see in few days.

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