Monday, October 30, 2006

लक्ष्मण मस्तुरिया के गीत

मोर संग चलवरे मोर संग चलवरे

वो गिरे थके हपटे मन,

अउ परे डरे मनखे मन

मोर संग चलव रे ऽऽ

मोर सगं चलव गा ऽऽ।

अमरइया कस जुड़ छांव में

मोर संग बैठ जुड़ालव

पानी पिलव मैं सागर अंव

दुख पीड़ा बिसरालव

नवा जोंत लव, नवा गांव बर

रस्ता नव गढ़व रे।

मैं लहरि अंव, मोर लहर मां

फरव फूलव हरियावो

महानदी मैं अरपा पैरी,

तन मन धो हरियालो

कहां जाहू बड़ दूर हे गंगा

पापी इंहे तरव रे

मोर संग चलव रे ऽऽ

बिपत संग जूझेबर पानी में बाना बांधे हंव

सरग ला पिरथिवी मा ला देहू

प्रण अइसन ठाने हंव

मोर सुमत के सरग निसैनी

जुर मिल सब्बो चढ़व रे

मोर संग चलव रे ऽऽ

ये कांटा अब मोर डार मा तुंहर फूल झुलाहू

तुंहर सुख जिंहू नइ तो किरिया हे मर जाहूं

नवा बेरा के नवा जोत मां

नवा बिहार करव रे

मोर संग चलव जी।

मोर संग चलव रे ऽऽ

पता ले जा रे पता दे जा रे गाड़ी वाला

पता ले जा दे जा गाड़ी वाला रे

तोर गांव के तोर गाँव के

तोर काम के पता दे जा

पता ले जा रे

पता दे जा रे गाड़ी वाला

का तोर गांव के नाव दिवाना डाक खाना के पता का

नाम का थाना कछेरी के पारा

मोहल्ला जधा का

को तोरे राज उत्ती बुड़ती रेलवाही का

हावे सड़किया

पता ले जा रे दे जा रे गाड़ी वाला

मया नई चिन्हे देसी बिदेसी मया के मोल न तोल

जान बिजति न जाने रे मया मया मयारु के बोल

काया-माया सब नाच नचावे भया के

एक नजरिया

पता ले जा रे

पता दे जा रे गाड़ीवाला..

जीयत जागत रहिबे

रे बैरी भेजबे कमूले चिठिया

बिन बोले भेद खोले

रोवे जाने अजाने पिरितिया

बिन बरसे उमड़े घुमड़े

जीव मया के बैरी बदरिया

पता ले जा रे

पता दे जारे गाड़ी वाला ...

About Me: from website

Based on analysis of my answers to the Questionnaire Heres my Personality Profile.

Some of the following information may seem inaccurate or incomplete. Remember, that this profile is a snapshot of my personality at a specific moment. It is not intended as an in-depth analysis of my complete being, but as a tool to aid in self-discovery.


* You usually participate in whatever social group you belong. You're not a "wallflower"--you like to meet people, generate group enthusiasm and provide an open environment for communicating.

* You may act on impulse. If someone or something catches your eye, you may act without first checking things out.

* You have a strong feeling of optimism, considered favorably by most people around you. Your perception is that the bottle is half-full rather than half-empty.

* You have to be with people. This extends into the need to gain popularity, achieve social recognition and influence those people around you. The "bottom-line" is a strong people orientation.

* You have a strong sense of humor. You usually know when to lighten a difficult situation, amuse and entertain people.

How do i talk

Combination of body language, facial expression, verbal tone and word choice to share ourselves with others.

* One of your great strengths is your ability to communicate and talk readily. Since all strengths may be overused at times, you may sometimes talk too much.

* You are a natural communicator. You love to talk, offer jokes and make sure that everyone is having a good time. This trait is especially evident at functions and outings.

* You show sympathy to the feelings and needs of others. Your natural empathy style may draw others to you.

* You can generate enthusiasm in yourself and in other people. Your enthusiasm, often contagious, involves many people in a social activity who might not ordinarily become involved.

* You tend to be fluent and verbal. You like to verbalize and to participate with many people.

* You have a natural, outgoing style that some have labeled as the "natural salesperson." You are generally likable, talkative and socially assertive. Your primary intent is convincing or persuading people.

I, Me and Myself

* You tend to be influential in decision-making situations. Others often turn to you for advice.

* You have an excellent sense of humor and tend to see humor in events spontaneously.

* You are optimistic and tend to make others feel good about themselves.

* You tend to enjoy life and share that enjoyment with others.

* You have a quick wit and a great sense of humor.

* You are skilled at finding "win-win" solutions when conflicts arise.

* You are usually enthusiastic about activities and planning.

* You are socially poised and people-oriented.

* You tend to take action when something needs to get done, and don't like to be passive.

* You tend to enjoy life and share that enjoyment with others.

* You tend to excite others into getting involved with your interests.

Works for me

I may want:

* Acceptance in a variety of groups.

* A friendly, favorable social environment.

* Recognition of skills and ability.

* Support of your ideas and dreams.

* Freedom from detail.

* Others to behave with the same sense of urgency.

* More time in the day for both work and play.

* Popularity.

* Others to "catch up" to your speed of doing things.

* A variety of activities.

* Equal relations with others.

हे अंग्रेजी देवी मां!

सुधीश पचौरी:

मैकाले को भारत में आधुनिकता का जनक मानते हैं। अंग्रेजी आई तो संस्कृत, अरबी, फारसी का कंट्रोल ढीला हुआ, जो उस वक्त वर्चस्वकारी इलीट की भाषाएं थीं। मैकाले ने आधुनिक विज्ञानों को पढ़ाने पर जोर दिया। यदि ऐसा न किया होता तो भारत आज नेपाल या अफगानिस्तान की तरह होता।

सभी किस्म के ग्लोबलाइजेशन विरोधी, स्वदेशीवादी, भारतवादी, स्थानीयतावादी, हिंदीवादी आदि लॉर्ड मैकाले को अंग्रेजी कल्चर का जनक मानकर ब्रिटिश साम्राज्यवाद का सबसे घटिया नायक मानते हैं, जिसने यहां गोरे अफसर की जगह ब्राउन बाबू पैदा कर दिए। इस तरह अंग्रेजी सभ्यता-संस्कृति यहां अंग्रेजों के जाने के बाद भी रह गई और आजकल तो वही चारों ओर फैल रही है। हाय!

My BirthDay Wish This Year!!

Warning::::::I am really not interested in known gals, this is not for those whom i know already.

Ever since i opted to live public life leaving the life of being saint(Monk), I spended couple of years to find about myself in society, what i wanna be, a good son, a scientist, a teacher, a artist, so on and so forth until a good father, wo wo be a good father you need to be a good husband, to be a good husband you need to be with good women, to get a good women u need to be good intelligent and
smart person.

So i have been focusing on being good, smart and intelligent stuffs, good women will come once u are as u wanted to be, smart, good, Intelligent and earning.

Lot of gals came on my way and gone, some good some very good some bad, but without exception, equation dint get resolved, finally looked into solved exampled taking friends, relatives advice how they solved their maths/puzzel, but dint help.

I am digging myself to find out first time I liked a girl was at age 14, thought its not appropriate...will loose focus from study and will get bad names :((

lot of infatuations happened in between high school and higher secondary, some girls came and gave attentions, buuuuuuuuut.. na ...not my type :((

In college, lil bit frustreted, you need to have gal friend, yaar, money, bike, time, I dint have those, for messing up myself with choosing girlfriend or being ..whatever... all girls... friend.. but no galfriends :((

Came to Job, First marriage proposal as soon as i joined the company, Good gal, everything was great...but..yeaaaaaaaaaahh...I am marriage wanna see life :((

After few more months, I liked someone, she thought i am looking for someone one to spend life with...Oh no...again...Its not gonna work..Indian Culture, Caste :((

Thought its bad idea, focus on career, and social work, Did hell lot of work, became secretory of College Alumni in Mumbai(300 members), secretory of CG society, Created Socity of our people, became popular...spended next two years doing all these, here lecture there programs, touring arround trusts for orphans, handicaped been active member of helpinghands, Mother Theresa ashram visting member New Mumbai, Panvel so and so forth.

During these year, got some kind of proposal for kinda engaze but no commitement and promise...thought its better....been in that relation for next 5 years......enejoyed my days and days and days....not looking for someone ....but then things were not happening...that i wanted...something magic should i was as i ......

Recently, Someone hit my head..BANG..oh my god....

What am I looking for??? friend, girlfriend, dont know man...confused....

But sure I am looking for:

Nice (Should not bother with meeting different kind of people of deferent
levels (background, social, economical etc))
Beautiful (Butterface will do but no fat, it turns me off)
Intelligent (Enough to calculated money for shopping grocery while shopping her
beauty futy stuffs)
Understanding (means plz dont take my dreams, and i am sure i wont take urs)

To be my friend, my girlfriend, my wife (last option :))

When is My Birthday??

Alright, So today I celebrated my birthday(According to certificate its XXXXXX ), Bullshit thing is i dont know whats my real birthday, thought of placing this question to Google Answer for $10.00 but lets see if u can think of what the hell happend to my birthday.

My Mother remembers as It was Chhath(6th day of moon, Dont know Krishnapaksh or ShuklaPaksh) of Aswin month, She dont know the year.
My father wrote as 6th day of Ashwin year 1977, He made it sure that According to Hindu Calendar your Rashi was Vrishabh and Grah was Rohini.

In year 1999, I went to Kotwal who keeps birth and death record for village. I saw his diary, written as Oct @3@ 1977. Could not believe,
Its 3rd or 30th, there are zeros crossed before and after 3. I assumed 30th, untill i dint find the moon calender for year 1977.

I was trying hard to calculate but gave up:

Here for those who dont know Hindi months:


So as above My birth was 6th Moon Light 1977 Vikram Savant 2034, National 1899, Shri Krishna 5232.
Sept 28th was Ashwin 6th Moon Light for year 2006.
I know Moon Year is 11 days shorter then Sun year, so in in 29 years 319 Days which is whole year +one month 349
But then Hindi calendar repeats one month every third year, means some hindu year are for 13 months.

According to one moon phase website:

Sounds like should be 18th Oct 1977 was 6th moon phase, since hindu month was not displayed in there, So keeping in mind Ashwin is either in Sept or Oct.

But Hindu Calender website even confused me with this data:

Oct 1977
Day Nakshatra Nak Ends Tithi Tithi Ends Yoga Yoga Ends Rasi Rasi Ends
3 ROHINI 12:06 6 23:17 VYATIPATA 01:04 VRISHA 01:36
30 ROHINI 19:36 3 11:09 VARIYAN 06:52 VRISHA 09:05
18 MULA 09:49 6 09:28 ATIGANDA 18:30 DHANUS 14:01

Sept 1977
3 BHARANI 22:17 6 04:30 DHRUV 14:33 MESHA 04:58

Considering all this, and making my birth according to Rashi, and forgetting about shuklapaksh or Krishnapaksh, My birth i am assuming.

Date Day Tithi Nakshatra Nak+Tithi Nak+Day Effect Good or Bad Yog Solar Malay Solar Tamil Solar Sans Start time Lunar Month Start Time tithi+day nak+day+tithi month+tithi month+nak
03 MO K06 Rohini Vardhamaan Vivaha Good KANNI... PURATASI ASVINA K.ASVINA Vishyog & Anishta Kumar Yog

Now to know some more about my birth details here is positions of grah:

Date Day Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Moon Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto
10/3/1977 Mon 05s15054' 05s03038' 04s18050' 02s24050' 02s11043' 04s03017' 01s17020' 05s21046' 11s21046' 06s16035' 07s20011' 05s20021'

Remaining Other funny details:
Your query date is 3, 10, 1977, Monday, AD, and your query time is 7 hrs, 15 minutes. The details asked is for Chennai whose latitude is 13.05 N, and longitude is +80.17 E .
Saka : 1899 .Vikrama: 2034. Kali Yuga: 5078. Samkranti: 1977, 9, 17.
Paksa: Krsnapaksa, Thithi: Sashti, 21, 20.3915226309214 .
Naksatra: Rohini, Karna: vaNij , Yoga: vyatIpAta
Moon House: Rishabha, 22 deg, 0 min, 18 sec. Amruth/Sidh Yoga: Amrita Yoga.
Thithi Now: 20.3915226309214
New Moon: Thursday, 13, October, 1977, 01:59:20, AM.
Full Moon: Thursday, 27, October, 1977, 05:05:19, AM.
Rahu Time: 07:28 AM-08:58 AM, Yama Kandam: 10:28 AM-11:58 AM.
Soolam: East, Parikar: Curd.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Laptop has got magic!!

I am just thinking for million dollar prize for Intel, Its funny but lets see if this will be how my new laptop.

Small as a size of lunchbox (Can be even small but DVD/HD-DV player needs 3.5 size).
With built in projector for screen upto anything, depends on power of lamp (I am not talking about heat producing projector lamp), then laser projected keyboard wherever u want, put your laptop with screan hung with box and see a virtualy none existense screen but just picture perfect image or video, dancing singing in front of u.

You can project keyborad in ur left hand and type from right hand or just got bored then project in air with laser image and type in air (Cool), like moving hand in Air.

Think about this, that box is magic box for u.

Will post image and other, what i see in few days.

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Favorites


Index of -~lok-csharp-refdocs

DocJar Search Open Source Java API


BBC - Languages - German Steps
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The tale of two elections

Good to see election here, quit different than i know. Its second election since me being in US, the last and biggest was US presidential election, bit of everything, the most funny was Ohio and California where i found people actually think at one place and don't at another.

Here is what my favorite things i have learned: Election here are quite different unlike India where its more of drama and too much of funfair, people take election so seriously they do killing booth capturing and buying votes, here everything is on words well formalized, now its up to u how mature u can make ur statement of lie or truth, is it well heard or not all these things matters.

Where in India, election promises are like, i will build Temple or i will destroy mosque, i will take care of my castes, community, religion and my relatives of the line getting there job done, and i will take care of all businessman who will bear my election costs, so on and so forth...No one promises for i will make schools or college like that...i promise that road which leads to city i will make them good, that electricity that does not reaching to millions of home living in jungle i will make your house brighten, that water u get from nearby tank i will make them clean those are the promise i have been waiting for decades.

Everyone shows up with mike and radio in hand talks about promise and leaves with dust, once they win the election they will never gonna show up.

I like election here, atleast if u r smart enough u cant be fooled here, they shows there promises in papers and later on media digs that a lot to make it work, however not fully but most of things are layed in front of people before vote, not like cash or gift before voters in India the night before election.

I hate elections, but i am gonna fight myself someday.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

101 things About me!!

I firmly believe that friendship is the most precious relationship in this world and I m very very very lucky to have some true friends...what a true friend can do for u, cannot be done by anyone ELSE!!!On Request of My friends I am writing this to tell 101 things about me, actual work is somewhere else this one is a copy of that.

1. The youngest memory I have of myself is putting my hand on the hot cooking pan to take hot vegetable out to eat at age of 3, I still have the burnt mark on my right hand.
2. At age of four, I was stuck on fence while jumping over it to go to closed park, my new snicker was the reason to stick and I was hanged there for half an hour, no one knows this but me
3. I was under impression that frog is actually fish at a young age, by looking at there young frogs.
4. I have never believed in magic but always enjoyed it.
5. I didn't know how to write Hindi or English until 11th birthday.
6. I have no primary education, directly went to 5th board exam, however, I have cleared it with me as a teacher in just 4-5 months.
7. I had the lowest mark 4/50 in 9th and highest 72/75 in 10th class on same subject mathematics.
8. I used to wear the only dhoti during my age 8 till 11
9. I have given Pravachan at the young age of 10 to teach from life of our Guru, sometimes I have done it for hours with music instruments for crowd at least thousand.
10. I am a palmist
11. I taught myself palmistry for two years during my high school.
12. I was cultural Secretary and School President during my high school and higher secondary.
13. I used to make sketch on plastic playing cards, and make murty (Mud made structure), paper arts
14. My First public speech against social and economic based discrimination was at age 13.
15. First time I saw city(Raipur) was at age 17th, My source of knowledge was completely based on DD1 and Local news daily,
16. I dint have single friend outside my school and around until college, now I have lot of friends in every continent.
17. I love kids, but I am not sure I wanted for myself.
18. I don't like watching TV anymore, However, I have learned a lot from it until college. Now my computer with the internet has replaced the place of TV.
19. I used to like a girl at age 14 but I was so sure about it that involving into relationship Boyfriend-Girlfriend will make me poor in studies and I will get bad name since it was none existent in my place.
20. My first friend as a girl was actually pushed by my friends, and I was enjoying the status that, Oh I have a girl as a friend during college.
21. I love swimming, water sports are my favorite, bcz that’s the only thing I used to do every day, bicycling was another part of the routine.
22. I have done babysitting at age of 7 and also between age 13-16th.
23. I have done all kind of agricultural work from plowing to cutting; ridding bullock cart was my favorite things.
24. My favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Amitabh Bachchan
25. I have never danced until 18th but now I know a lot of dance.
26. I am a big fan of rice and homemade food; I love to cook but experimental to try something different.
27. I have only known to food made locally, no fast-food etc, Sweets, Milk, Ghee all those were luxury, so I never developed the taste for those, By now I have eaten in almost all kind of restaurant, I hate Mc Donald, I have been there just 4-5 times in my whole life. I don’t like cheese or oil.
28. I love traveling, for anything from park(nature) to dark(nightlife), people(culture) to place(History, Arch)
29. Every time you see my music collection there is always new in my list I love all kind of music.
30. I have inspired by a lot of autobiographies.
31. My favorite authors are Ravindranath Tagore, Premchand, and Ayn Rand.
32. I am going to give these 101 things about me as a gift to myself this birthday.
33. I have owned 6 cars in 3 years and driven almost all affordable brands, I love driving.
34. I have 30 socks, 30 underwear, 30 banyan(ganzi) exact in numbers and enough clothes to do laundry once a month.
35. I have 30GB of Songs(mp3), 1200 Video Songs.
36. I couldn’t sleep early in Hotels bcz of the mattress in the hotel, its too soft, I sleep in the floor, I have tried air bed, cheap water bed, mattress, but nothing can beat the floor with the sleeping bag.
37. I used to woke up early 6AM during School days, Nowadays awake until 6AM during weekends like today I am doing to write this.
38. I love talking to people, but I can’t talk more than 10 minutes on phone.
39. I used to woke up early 6AM during School days, Nowadays awake until 6AM during weekends like today I am doing to write this.
40. I don’t respect money, but I know its value, every year or two I lose money for no reason, last time I lost was 1200$ for unwanted tax bcz I bought a car from eBay, before that was 1800$ bcz of mechanic screwed up with my car’s engine and transmission.
41. I had won BMW in eBay auction, My current car is Solara Sports 2002, its so light I get scared for driving more than 85mph.
42. I have been off the road twice during snow while driving double the speed permissible, but I got a ticket for just 71mph on the interstate.
43. My first email was opened in Sept 1996.
44. I always believe there is good in everyone. Sometimes it's impossible to find it though.
45. I have no regrets.
46. We used to have a Bull named '', he was a very understanding fellow, when we sold that for my higher studies, he does not want to leave us wasn’t moving even 5 people were trying to take out, that was very emotional to us.
47. I am always late for School, College, Office, but early for parties.
48. I have slept in classes, meetings and office, but when I woke up after sleep my mind works double the speed, so I have never left behind.
49. My High school teachers know about me sleeping in class, one day I visited his house, his wife told me the whole story and I was shocked that, he thinks its okay since I might have finished that lesson.
50. That was true during school times, we never had our courses finished 50% and there were hardly few teachers for courses like science and maths.
51. My lady math’s teacher was from city could not stay for more than 3 months in village school, but she was almost crying while saying goodbye to me, she said take care of urself you can go anywhere u want.
52. Here is funny one with request of friends...I have changed 5+5+2 house in 3 years. I mean moved different house almost every 3 months on average.


Dance I can, and I love!

Dance to Inspire, Inspire to Dance:

Dance to Express, not to Impress:

Salsa (Intermidiate)
Cha cha(basic)
Tango(Argentina basic)
Line Dance(basic)

Movie Swing(Intermidiate)
Movie break(Intermidiate)
Movie Style(Intermidiate)
Some Indian classical dance(Basic)

Panthi(Dance of devotion for truth)
Suva(Girls dance, but guy used to teach the message of listening to partner)
Sa na na
Rajasthani Folk
Chhattishgarhi Folk
Holi Danda Dance (during festival its great fun)


I have been writting this since 1995, some on pages of my old diary then notepad and few on old blogs. Lets put some here, these are not in order or something..just scraps!!

Know that life is truely over, when you've more memories than dreams

For some reason, the Al Pacino monologue from "Scent of a woman" just came to mind.

"Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew, but I never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard. Now here's Charlie. He's come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path. It's the right path. It's a path made of principle that leads to character. Let him continue on his journey. You hold this boy's future in your hands committee. It's a valuable future. Believe me. Don't destroy it. Protect it. Embrace it. It's gonna make ya proud one day, I promise you"

Wish we could help you make that decision but it is all yours alone to make.

I'm not thinking of what you are thinking,but I might note that an act of courage is often mistaken for a blunder until its true sense becomes clear only years later.

I might stir you up to believe in my qualifications only if I had a stentorian voice of a great preacher. But I don't.

I might excite you to feel uplifted and inspired only if I had something uplifting and inspiring to say. But I don't.

You earned knowledge; and you also gained maturity -- some of you.

But you earned other gifts -- hopefully:

patience, persistence, perspective,

confidence, compassion, and command of the English language,

the fine art of learning how to learn, and

resistance to disappointments and failures,

not to speak of friendship and romance

and a whole lot more.

But there is the idling mind of the third kind, and it is the best.

It is the mind that whiles away in creative mental doodling.

Oh, yes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Jill a weary girl.

Communication expands knowledge. It is a transport vehicle for distributing information, and information is a resource, the goods for transport. Information is a fodder for knowledge, not knowledge itself.

As Heraclitus astutely observed 25 centuries ago, " A Lot of Learning does not teach Understanding."

War is the father of all and king of all, who manifested some as gods and some as men, who made some slaves and some freemen.

The road up and down is one and the same.

The world is nothing but a great desire to live and a great dissatisfaction with living.

Guard jealously
Your private time
And private space.

Cherish and nurture
Silence in your mind.

Remember always:
Idle but not idly.

****Socially Weak, Economically needy, and politically powerless.

"The root of all morality is self control."

Any path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you… Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it, as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question… Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.
The Teachings of Don Juan

FaceBook vs. MySpace vs. Orkut.

Personally, I started liking facebook even though i am quite new to it. I have most of my friends and alumni at Orkut, i keep in touch with that, then comes
myspace, i joined that last year mostly bcz of curiosity but it was so so...most of the people are living in dream there, thatswhy i liked myspace to. I have got hell lot of friends but none of them are real. Its so funny, when u keep in touch u dont feel something but to just wow, what a page, what a music and then i think its too much, lets get out from here.

Orkut, When i dint have invitation i was begging, but when i got, i immediately get in touch with my friends allover the world, out of my class of 56, 40 of them living outside of our home country its sad. And my whole batch of 300 in Engineering atleast 200 are out. Anyway so with every other batch i know 3 year ahead and 3 year later. All are there, its so good to keep in touch with real people you know them, you lived with them, you have shared good and bad times together. So I loved orkut.

But, I was looking for more on Orkut, like blog and photos, there are only scraps, which is open to public, somewhat good and somewhat bad. Dont have blog so if u like writing blogs then need to go somewhere else.

However with all this in here and there, I got introduced to Facebook by my friend. My school, college or work none were in facebook, so once it became public, i got invitation to join. Joined with curiosity, and my curiosity is on. I have not invited any of my friends here, since let them be there since i liked orkut as well.

For me


Better Deal with privacy if u want.

Thanks, I will be here.

What music means for life

We have five indriyan (five way to sense), eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. Each one of these contributes to great taste in life. I am not gonna write about everything but today i will talk about ear.

So here we go, If u have heard the song called clocks by coldplay, you will find the great amount of emotions in those few lines and as music flows from your ear to your mind, your body starts feeling somekind of emotions coming out everywhere. Now listen the same music by twelve girls band, you will feel like you are somewhere else, whole symphony will give you different kind of feeling.



I am Buddha.I am honored to meet you. This is my story.

The title Buddha means Enlightened One or Awakened One. In history, the Buddha refers to Gautama Siddhattha Buddha. Siddarth was born around 565 B.C. in Lumbini Park in the city of Kapilavastu in the ancient northern India, today's Nepal. He became Siddhattha Gautama, due to his aunty Gautami who served him after his mother Mahamaya's death. ." Mahamaya died on the seventh day after her delivery and her sister, Mahapajapati became the step mother of Siddhattha. Siddarth Gautam became Buddha after getting enlightenment when he was at the age of 48 years. It means birth Buddha was around 517 B.C..

The prince Siddarth grew up in an environment of care and love, respect and joy. However, he was sometimes unhappy. Buddha studied science and technology, art and philosophy, religious knowledge under the tuition of famous scholars, riding, archery, and fencing. Suddodhan expected much from his son and made him crown prince and heir apparent. But this did not please the young man, who steadily grew to be thoughtful and depressed. To cheer him up, his worried father and foster mother built three palaces, one for cold weather, one for hot weather, and one for the rainy season. They appointed many beautiful court ladies to wait on him and arranged banquets with dancing and music. Siddhattha soon married the princess Yasodhara - a beautiful woman. Their son was named Rahula. Hoping to give his son pleasure, King Suddhodana arranged four trips outside the city of Kapilavastu, one through each of its four gates.

On the first three occasions, Siddhattha met with - an aging man, a sick man and a corpse. In the fourth trip he met a calm, serene ascetic monk, who inspired Siddhattha to have same kind of life. "The four gates" represent the state of mind of the prince with respect to the suffering of aging, illness and death. Superficial prosperity in economy and relative stability in political environment cannot relieve people from worry, fear, anxiety and suffering and cannot lead them to ultimate happiness.

With his great compassion, the enthusiastic prince decided to give up his worldly glory and desire, and leave home. He would devote himself to search for the ultimate truth.

Though his love to his family may have hindered him, the birth of his son, Rahula, provided a favorable occasion for his departure since with the birth of his son, Siddattha had fulfilled his karma to his father and his wife according to the Indian tradition. Departing from the palace and the wearing coarse clothes, the prince chose to become a Samana.

Siddhatha went to Rajaghar, the capital of Magadha, which was the centre of culture with many orthodox and unorthodox monks. By that time, the two major disciplines for the sake of enlightenment were meditation and ascetic austeritics.

Siddhattha studyied meditation under two famous teachers, Alara-Kalama and Uddaka-Ramaputta. The state attained by Alara-Kalama was that of a much higher formless world where physical matter no longer exists. Uddaka-Ramaputta reached an even higher state at which neither thought nor non-thought existed. Siddhatha did not find it difficult to attain either state. Attaining these states of mind did not ease his mental anxieties, because once he stopped meditation, he returned to the mental state of depression.

He knew that only reaching a state of absolute tranquillity could attain the true liberation from the attachment of ignorance and suffering.

He left his teachers to continue his search for the ultimate truth.

He next practiced asceticism, which was very common among Samanas. They believed that the human suffering was caused by the attachment to the physical body and the mental spirit. Suffering can only be freed by detaching the spirit imposed by the body. Therefore, they tormented themselves for the purpose of weakening the power of the physical body over the mental spirit, until the body was destructed.
Siddhattha passed through the country of Magadha to the town of Uruvela, where he settled in a grove of trees to find enlightenment.

Practicing austerities for six years, he was extremely tough on himself and put himself through many difficult tests after which was became so weak his body was nothing more than skin and bones. Realizing that asceticism had no effect in attaining enlightenment, Siddhattha decided to give up austerities. He accepted a bowl of milk from a maid Sugata. He ate and gradually recovered his strength. Knowing that neither meditation nor ascetic austerities could lead to the Enlightenment, Siddhattha stopped following existing methods but turned to find his own way. He prepared a seat with soft grass under a Bodhi tree. Sitting in the lotus posture, he made a vow not to leave until he attained enlightenment. Having struggled with Mara Papiyan (the Evil King representing all kinds of desires, hatred and ignorance) in deep meditations in the state of Samadhi, he was finally enlightened. He discovered the reality of universe, and found the path to free humanity from the suffering of birth and death thus attaining eternal happiness.


These are Four Nobel Truths

1. The Noble Truth of Suffering: Rebirth, old age, disease, death, sorrow, lamenting, pain, grief and despair, association with objects we dislike, separation from objects we love, not to obtain what one desires cause suffering. There are also many happy hours and pleasure in man's life-time, but according to the law of nature, they are impermanent and these last only for a short time and vanish into nothing. They behind leave only sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair.

2. The Noble Truth of The Arising of Suffering: The Threefold Craving leads every being from birth to birth and is accompanied by joy and lust, seeking its gratification here and there, namely: Sensual Craving, Craving for Existence and Craving for Wealth and Power. There are also a six fold craving, namely the eye craves for forms, the ear craves for sounds, the nose craves for odors, the tongue craves for taste, the body craves for objects, and the mind craves for noun, dreams or illusions. These Cravings and ignorance of the law of nature are the condition of origin of individual suffering.

3. The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering: The condition of cessation of suffering is the complete fading away and extinction of this three fold craving, forsaking it and giving it up, the liberation and detachment from it. The condition of mind of a person who has been giving up his threefold cravings or this sixfold craving together with ignorance can realize Nirvana (or the Extinction of the Cravings).

4. The Noble Truth of The Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering: It is the 'Noble Eightfold Path' (or the 'Middle Path' because it avoids the two extremes of sensual pleasure and self-mortification), that leads to the Cessation of Suffering.

The Caste System

(This one is not my article but posted with my comments)

Most Americans believe in social mobility. Typical American children think that they can grow up to become anyone they want — a fire fighter, a brain surgeon, the president of the United States. Even kids from poor families have a chance of getting rich.


In Indian subcontinent, people were born into strict social positions called castes, and their children belonged to the same social class. In fact, under the caste system, parents knew the jobs their kids would hold even before the kids were born.

Caste system is biggest and most brilliantly administered scam.

Caste system is the cause of India's economic decline in the last 2000 years. When only a handful of people are allowed to realize their potential and the majority is even denied the basic opportunity of education how can a society sustain growth?

The Four "Varnas"

The Brahmin varna comprises the priests and teachers in society. A person in this varna, often considered the highest, deserves respect from everyone else.

Warriors and rulers belong to the Kshatriya varna. Historically, this varna has contained most of the political leaders and kings, and it closely resembles the noble class of medieval Europe.

The third varna, called the Vaisyas, somewhat resembles the modern American middle class. Merchants, farmers, and artisans make up the vaishya varna.

The Sudra varna is the lowest of the four. The people who do hard work and labor are part of this varna, which very closely resembles the medieval European peasant class.

Under the Sudra: The fifth

The Untouchables
There is a fifth major class in Hinduism, but it is considered so low that it doesn't even qualify as a varna. Most people call it the "UNTOUCHABLE" class because its members are forbidden to touch anyone who belongs to one of the four varnas. If a Brahmin priest touches an untouchable, he or she must go through a ritual in which the pollution is washed away.

To a Westerner, this system seems complicated enough, but Hindus actually divide each varna into many little subsections. These subsections, called JATIS, work a lot like the varnas. A person is born in to the same jati as his or her parents and remains there for life.

****Officially there are 6843 castes in India.

Arrange Marriage
Ideally, a person will marry someone in the same jati. This can sometimes be a problem when most of the people in the jati are related in some way. A father in India must take responsibility for finding a good match for his children, and will work hard to find someone in the same jati who is not a close blood relative.

****Caste system is officially illegal in India**** Dr Ambedkar made this sure in Constitution but practiced everywhere.

Affirmative action programs have been adopted to create new opportunities for lower-caste Indians. Even the untouchable caste has had some success getting better jobs, including government positions. Dr Ambedkar, Gandhi and British Govt, Agreed upon reservation than separate electoral in 1935 Poona pact.

Classess existed in other part of world like europe which finished after 5-10 generations, but the caste system existed almost unchanged for at least 2,000 years, and its effects can still be felt today in every field of life.

Will add more as i get time...

feeling blue & feeling high

Call it sadness and happiness, both are in one coin one life, they dont see each other. But u carry the coin, you are gonna see one or other all the time.

Songs I love!!!

Elan Atias: Slave to Love
Norah Jones: Those Sweet Words
U2 : One Love
Chris De Burgh : Lady in Red
Kylie Minogue: Can't Get You Out Of My Head ...and My World
R-Kelly: Step in the name of Love
Black Eyed peas : What's wrong with the world mama
Phil Collins : Another Day In Paradise.
Yanni: Nightingale
Enigma: Return To Innocence
Enya: Only time
MJ: Child
GNR : November Rain
Dire Straits: Walk of Life
Cars : Drive
Celine D :My Heart will go on
Arlen-Harburg : Over The Rainbow(50 First Date re)
Metallica : Nothing else matter
Pink Floyd: Wish you were here
Coldplay: Clocks
PVD: Times of our life
Tiesto: Urban Train
Ferry Corsten: Fire
ATB: Underwater
4 Strings: Take me away
Paul oakenfold : Delerium 2000
Darude: Sandstorm
Deep Dish: Say Hello
Robert Miles: Children
Nelly-Kelly: Dilemma
Kitaro: Mirage
Keith Urban: You will think of me
Michael bubble: Home

गुलजार - Gulzar
इस मोड से जाते है, कुछ सुस्त कदम रस्ते
आज कल पाँव जमींपर नहीं पडते मेरे
आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है
आंखों में हम ने आप के सपने सजाए है
दिल ढ़ूँढ़ता है फिर वही फुरसत के रात दिन
दो दीवाने शहर में, रात में या दोपहर में
एक अकेला इस शहर में, रात में और दोपहर में
हम ने देखी है, इन आखों की महकती खुशबू
हजार राहें मूड के देखी, कही से कोई सदा ना आई
जब भी ये दिल उदास होता है
खामोश सा अफसाना, पानी से लिखा होता
मुसाफिर हूँ यारों, ना घर हैं ना ठिकाना
नाम गुम जाएगा, चेहरा ये बदल जाएगा
फिर से आईयो, बदरा बिदेसी
फिर वही रात है, फिर वही रात है ख्वाब की
राह पे रहते हैं, यादों पे बसर करते हैं
सिली हवा छू गयी, सिला बदन छिल गया
तेरे बीना जिया जाए ना
तेरे बिना जिंदगी से कोई शिकवा तो नही
तुझ से नाराज नहीं जिंदगी, हैरान हूँ मैं
तुम आ गए हो, नूर आ गया है
तुम पुकार लो, तुम्हारा इंतजार है
यारा सिली सिली, बिरहा के रात का जलना.

पं. नरेन्द्र शर्मा - Pt. Narendra Sharma
ज्योती कलश छलके
सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम

ये हसीन वादीयाँ, ये खुला आसमां
दिल हैं छोटा सा, छोटी सी आशा
-- रोजा (1993)

जावेद अख्तर - Javed Akhtar
देखा एक ख्वाब तो ये सिलिसले हुए
एक लडकी को देखा तो ऐसा लगा
नीला आसमां सो गया
सच मेरे यार है, बस वही प्यार है
सो गया ये जहां, सो गया आसमां
तुम को देखा, तो ये खयाल आया

मेरे ख्वाबों में जो आए, आ के मुझे छेड जाए

निदा फाझली - Nida Fazli
होशवालों को खबर क्या बेखुदी क्या चीज है--
अजनबी कौन हो तुम, जब से तुम्हे देखा है--
कभी किसी को मुकम्मल जहां नहीं मिलता--

कैफी आझमी - Kaifi Azami
बेताब दिल की तमन्ना यही है
दो दिल टूटे, दो दिल हारे
झूकीं झूकीं सी नजर बेकरार है के नहीं
माना हो तुम बेहद हसीं, ऐसे बुरे हम भी नही
सिमटी सी, शरमाई सी, किस दुनियाँ से तुम आयी हो
तुम इतना जो, मुस्कुरा रहे हो
ये नयन डरे डरे, ये जाम भरे भरे, जरा पीने दो

हसरत जयपुरी - Hasarat Jaipuri
पंख होते तो उड आती रे,रसिया ओ जालिमा
रसिक बलमा, हाए दिल क्यो लगाया
समा है सुहाना सुहाना, नशे में जहां है
याद किया दिल ने कहा हो तुम
जिंदगी एक सफर हैं सुहाना

अंजान - Anjaan
छुकर मेरे मन को, किया तूने क्या इशारा
कब के बिछडे हुए हम आज कहा आ के मिले
मंजिलो पे आ के लूटते है, दिलों के कारवाँ
ओ साथी रे, तेरे बिना भी क्या जीना

इंदिवर - Indeevar
कस्मे वादे प्यार वफा सब बातें है, बातों का क्या?
क्या खूब लगती हो, बडी सुंदर दिखती हो
तेरे जैसा यार कहा, कहा ऐसा याराना

आनंद बक्षी - Anand Bakshi
आते जाते खूबसूरत आवारा सडकोंपे
दो लब्जों की है, दिल की कहानी
एक अजनबी हसीना से, यूँ मुलाकात हो गई
हम दोनो दो प्रेमी दुनियाँ छोड चले
जाने कैसे, कब, कहां, इकरार हो गया
झिलमिल सितारों का आंगन होगा
कांची रे, कांची रे, प्रीत मेरी सांची
करवटें बदलते रहे, सारी रात हम
कोरा कागज था, ये मन मेरा, लिख लिया नाम इस पे तेरा
मेरे नैना सावन भादो, फिर भी मेरा मन प्यासा
रोते रोते हसना सिखो, हसते हसते रोना
ये दोस्ती हम नही तोडेंगे, तोडेंगे दम मगर तेरा साथ ना छोडेंगे

मजरुह सुलतानपुरी - Majrooh Sultanpuri
पहला नशा पहला खुमार
चुरा लिया है, तुम ने जो दिल को
होगा तुम से प्यारा कौन
ले के पहला पहला प्यार, भर के आंखों में खुमार
पत्ता पत्ता, बूटा बूटा, हाल हमारा जाने है
पूछो ना यार क्या हुआ, दिल का करार क्या हुआ
रातकली एक ख्वाब में आई और गले का हार हुई
तू ने ओ रंगीले, कैसा जादू किया
ये लडका हाए अल्ला, कैसा है दीवाना
ये दिल सुन रहा है, तेरे दिल की जुबाँ

अन्वर सागर - Anwar Sagar
वादा रहा सनम, होंगे जुदा ना हम

मीर तकी मीर - Mir Taqi Mir
दिखायी दिए यूँ के बेखूद किया

एम. जी. हशमत - M.G.Hashmat
जनम जनम का साथ हैं तुम्हारा हमारा
मेरा जीवन कोरा कागज, कोरा ही रह गया
दो पंछी दो तिनके कहो ले के चले हैं कहा

रविन्द्र जैन - Ravindra Jain
अखियों के झरोखों से मैने देखा जो सावरे
गोरी तेरा गाँव बडा प्यारा, मैं तो गया मारा

शहरयार - Shaharyaar
इन आंखों की मस्ती के मस्ताने हजारों है
जुस्तजू जिस की थी उस को तो ना पाया हम ने
ये क्या जगह है दोस्तो, ये कौन सा दयार है
जिंदगी जब भी तेरी बज्म में लाती है

योगेश - Yogesh
कही दूर जब दिन ढल जाए
न जाने क्यों होता है, ये जिंदगी के साथ
कहा तक ये मन को अंधेरे छलेंगे

--Many more to come...

Movie Sound tracks by James Horner, i love those.

I am Om, Before my country, religion and class!!!!

The photo shows, how innocent we were and borne with no country, religion and class, but as i get the name third day, i got everything in registration, Okay, I am Indian, thank god i belongs to sect not religion which does not follow the bad things of any religion and follows the good things of every religion, we believes "There is only one GOD and thats TRUTH", as i grew up i started seeing classes based on birth place, economy, social status, I hated those whenever these things came on my way.

After coming to US, i don't know every other day, i see one or other form of different things which makes me feel bad, is it race?? NO, is it color?? Somewhat, is it culture they think every Indian has ?? YES for many things....i am getting typecasted by these..which has no belongings to me ...How come some girl came enjoyed her time ..unless ..i said I am Indian, Her very first question was, You guys like serving women, u guys cook, u guys don't like beef, don't eat non-veg so on so forth?? Man i got irritated ..if u have heard of these things and wanna get assured ur knowledge is right might be true for many cases, But every individual is different, right? his believes on what he does and like dislike is more important than any of typecasted things.

For me, I have been in US for 3 years, I love this country, not because i have better paying job here, better infrasture to enjoy, life is fun and easy here...NO ...BIG NO....My initial and still the motivation to come in this country was "THIS COUNTRY IS PLACE OF HEROES" million heroes has been borne in this country and created the wonders, if not borne ..they came here to things...I salute USA for being such a nice country and leader.

As for as my country India, everyone knows India is great country by culture, food religion and people, but truly assumed as poor and backward country.... for those who think like this....please see statistics, India is having 750 millions people happily living, there are poor and backward by infrasture, so what, we dint know whats growth was for atleast 300 years, we are catching up...and i am pretty sure ..India will be developed country before i will see my grand son/daughter.

Lets stop here...will talk some other time..

Finally I cooked something after 10 days.

Wow, Its been 10 days i haven't cooked!! How i managed?? Thanks Bravo, olive garden, Dan Pablo's, Aladdins, Taste of east, Denny's, Chipotle, My neighbor, my friends for keeping me alive for whole 10 days.

So the story is, I like cooking ..but i never like cooking same thing twice, i like to experiement to give it different taste all time. Today what i cooked.

Green Tomato,
Green Chili,
Green Onion(Spring Onion),
Red pepper,
Popi seeds,
Fenugreek Seeds.
Mustard seeds

How did i make it.

Microwave the Green Tomato with hole in it, else it will burst, for 3 minutes,
Chop the green stuffs,
2 tspn oil, add all seeds after 1 minute.
keep in low for 3 minute with seeds starts giving flavour.
Add the choped stuffs. Stear it for 5 minutes.
Add the green tomato, stear it for 5 minutes.
Add coriander(Cilantro) leafs to taste.

Add salt and water if u want liquid.

By the way it tastes good, u can have it on pizza as sous, have it as soup, or use it as well.