Friday, September 22, 2006

About me:

Jagmohan: Om is a soft spoken, looks easily convincible and very compassionate gentleman some time he looks more genuine and self-aware. A golden-hearted person with high conscience, who cannot intentionally hurt anyone or refuse anything.

Rising Horizon: "Om", as it signifies one of the most powerful chants of Hinduism; our Om has kept the worth of it, for sure. I have been lucky to have known Om very closely, as a college-pal, as a play-mate, as a room-mate, as a colleague, and most importantly, as a person. We laughed, smiled, fought, thought, played, worked, danced.. and kind of 'grew' together for sometime; and I must say one thing about him: He is amazingly unique in his thoughts, which have some innovativeness in them; takes life as it comes; is bold to take any challenges; and has the 'never ending' passion to 'learn' and seek the 'out of the box' thought, which makes him an inspiring, entertaining and an interesting personality. Ofcourse, last but not the least, his company will keep you entertained, no matter how tense the situation is..; he will go far ahead, as he never thinks for himself.. but thinks far beyond..; Om, you deserve a million salutes, for being so selfless, so loving.. and at the most, for having such a caring heart!! God bless you.

Nagendra: Om Well!!!what to say about OM.OM is what OM is and what OM does.He is one of a kind.So unique, innovative, creative at times and has his unique style.At first sight, you would tend to believe he is insensible, irresponsible, illogical country side brut.But hold your thoughts...He is not what he appears to be.You need to judge him with a totally diffferent , out of the world perspective.Then you will appreciate what really OM is.He is techie at times, a good negotiator and has unique thoughts for each situation.One thing you will not face shortage of when you have OM's company is Entertainment.He is so dynamic, energetic and Oh boy you will definitely get a question in mind... where the hell this guy gets his energy from!!! The keyword which follows him is CRAZY.He is passionate about pub,dance,food, music, cars, mobile phone, PDA...yade yada.The list goes on and on and on like a duracell batterieI am definitely lucky to have a friend like OM.He is truly one of a kind.

Pradeep: Om..the great Om..the next thing that comes to my mind is Om and his all sorts of kandigiris:)... Full of energy and always upto something. If you are with him..don't plan your day, he will make sure, you are completely busy with his new activities. He is an ardent music buff and has a huge collection of all sorts of music...techno(He mixed with Complex Trance as Techno, else i am fan of Trance music) is his favourite..he is a gadget freak too!! He is a real good swimmer. He experiments with interesting cuisines..whatever food he cooks, he will always add ..his favourite masala powder -'Kasuri Methi':). He loves to travel. With Om, I had been to beautiful and interesting places in united states...Om ek accha dost...a very good friend of mine.

Praveen ಪ್ರವೀಣ: I Enjoy OM's company. He is unique in his thinking and it is always different from the flock. Full of Energy, a very good driving direction sense, and my goodness his memory for statistics. (Though I have to verify from Google baba) What else can I write about him?We both differ on almost all the matter we discuss, but I do respect his opinions and thoughts.

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