Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Date from My Diary

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Date from My Diary
Om Prakash Baghel

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio program, the host at radio was telling something about GOD. Suddenly about himself then about music and then one by one he was switching the topic, the whole interest on the program was lost. Are you like that? Many people don’t understand the requirement of subject to speak. We wanted to speak, hence started with something and end with something else. And the people who are listening to him are victim of our boring session to listen an uninvited talk.

Here is small learning on it:
Once I decided to go to take a session on general awareness in a school of my village. I was excited with the thought of going to school to take session. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I did not realize it was two hours past midnight. I prepared my notes for the next day. It was three in the morning when I went to bed.

The next day found me all enthusiastic, full of self-confidence and sense of urgency. A quick bath and breakfast and I reached Prathmik Shala Balodi in good time. The school gates were not open. The headmaster had not come. The school captain had gone to his house to collect the school keys. The children were arriving and were running about on the road.

I waited eagerly for the school to begin; I was eager to take my class and start my work, eager to put my new plan into practice, eager to bring about peace and order in the class, eager to make classroom teaching interesting and win over pupils. I felt my pulse throbbing.

The bell rang. The boys entered their classes. The headmaster took me to a class and introduced me to the pupils. "Listen boys!" he said. "Henceforth, Mr. Om Prakash here, will take your class today. You must obey his orders and no pranks and mischief, I warn you!

I looked at the children who were to be my charges for the next 6 hrs. I could see some of them
smiling; some winking at each other; a few nodded stiffly. One or two stared at me in mock wonder; the rest stood looking totally unconcerned.

I looked on. "These are the children I have to take session; this strange mischievous lot! I thought to myself. I was a little unnerved, but I recovered. "Nothing to worry," I told myself. "I will take them on by and by."
I took out from my pocket the notes I had prepared the previous night, and glanced at the list of activities I had made:
First, silence; next, checking up of classroom cleanliness to be followed by a talk on general awareness; and lastly, some conversation with pupils.

I tried to understand the psychology of student; to understand and accept the talk. Started making fun of today’s special; makes unnecessary comments on it. Like “how did I can, and you are unfortunate to listen me”. With you I will give you a liking on what I am saying. Made this comments to accept it positively as it is not going to be must answerable thing. My talk started with what they know, may be simple so that everyone should be answerable to it. Before putting heavy topic on their mind, put some joke, given example like “ How funny it will be if I start speaking and no one is able to understand”. Asked them would you like to listen; obviously they will say no.

I started telling some word with clear diction, proper language usage, proper grammar, and tried to articulate it as I can. Told them few simple sentences with same articulation seams like few storybook dialog. The boys listened with rapt attention. The whole class was quiet; not a sound or a movement anywhere. This way I have got to know my pupils and established rapport with them.

After this lines there was big question mark on their head. This means that they wanted to know you, your profession, and your hobbits everything about you. And at the same time they wanted to impress you, so almost 95% of students are listing and wish to answer your equation. They are carefully listening to you because they are having light mood, questions, and wanted to be inspired. Here you can say almost anything to them.

I choose few beautiful lines, and explained even beautifully so that they should think; It will be really nice if they to can speak those lines, can give meaning to their elders, and follow the truth, and love these beautiful words forever.

They are speaker: After getting the meaning of those lines they wanted to hear more from you, at this moment they became true Shishya. Started telling few words again this time more informative but again taking care of words I was choosing in the topic, I have taken them from fun to some serous topic. Added some advice to it. This was a fuel for the talk engine started in their mind. Now to make them alert; I had asked questions like what you have eaten today? Have you taken bath? if yes, then which soap this will be fun? Its 100% guarantee that 100% of them are listening to you, they all are listening to the words, suddenly by random; I started asking serious question. Like; who was with you when you left school yesterday? Did you discussed about the topic covered yesterday? Did you get any query on the topic? This way I have got their attention on the topic covered, their daily routine, their psychology about their attitude, their school period their teacher’s information, and their way of study.

Preaching Started: I continued my preaching for about 10-15 minute, always had a break in between with all those funny questions.

So what I was telling: How people could be really boring, if they don’t understand subject, length, time for talk and will be worst if they don’t know how to make people listen to them. Herewith; one should always have a good knowledge on the subject before putting it in front of audience else you will be in trouble, if someone someday better then you is sitting with his queries, and you can be trapped with meaningless speaker.

Keep In Mind:
Point your experience only if it is appropriate.
Give precedence to those points, which is most heard and least, heard, rest does not matter.
Take their local example if your talk is on preaching/teaching.
To tell something-you must know need not to be master
To explain something-need to be master but not need to be an experienced.
To make it done something-need to be experienced.
And to do something-You need not to have anything accept attitude, rest can be achieved.

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