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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is this new iPhone, iPod touch 5, just took this picture

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's shame we have to see this day...

Well getting lot of tweets, face messages and forwarded emails...everyone is talking about's currently India' s second struggle for independence ...

What a shame... We have come to see this day...someone send me email saying English came to India and it took 200 years to take whatever we used to call "sone kee chidiyaa" turn into poor country...they took about 1 lac crore rupee ...and it seams corruption took
About 280 lac crore in 60 years....

In reality..India became more poor and more saying honest people became poor and corrupt people rich and holding power, money and politics. How sad is that ..when we got independence we relied on these rich..educated people and politician to build this country..but they build their big kothari, big thaili ..big hands to ask for vote and money..for everything...

First of all I feel what Anna jee is feeling ...may be yes...but do I feel more about our forefathers seen...I dream about that everyday...
They gave people the key to everything honest and elect honest ....we they failed....

Do I think ..lokpal can be greater then democratically elected ...not at all...but we have not solved the problem by these people in so many years....I don't see future...

I feel it will be worst thing to do that..we create another body which will have power over members elected by the people...for the people...
..but in current scenario ..sarkari ..sevak ..naukari kartey hain aur sahib samajhatey hain...

So may be Anna jee will bring lokpal and hope this will cut some rope for this idiots.

---written from my ipad--Om

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Something about pads, slates and tabs

I think after using pads, slates and tabs ..I feel apple has definitely fixed the future for few year...considering that what other manufacturer for both OS or device can learn something.

1. Device
Make is less than 200$, 16gb, wifi
For 250$ 3G and or 32gb

.2. OS:---You need ten things to take care that's it.
1) Speed
2) no crappy touch screen, or resolution.
3) social ..Facebook, twitter, email client
4) creativity.. Camera with edit and basic enhancement feature.
5) productivity. Office and PDF reader
6) browser capable of running current 90% web content.
7) game ...some emulation is enough..if u Want to sale apps then current platform are doing good.
8) education.. Should have apps education I.e. Calculator graphs ..grading, book reader
9) ebook reader... All of platform already, kindle ePub
10) music and video....most basic mp3 player has.

I guess all are not much to ask....
Microsoft can do it...just release it for less than 250 ..else u know HP has most of it and failed ..but price drop made everyone to run for it.

---Written from my ipad

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corruption Everywhere...

India is birthplace for many religion, where we think this makes us moral than others, and we respect the basic of all religion ..the Truth, moral behavior, and serving the humanity...but rather than that...I guess Dalai Lama is telling the truth

  1. Religious devotion doesn't always translate into strong moral ethic..So we are not
  2. Among Indians. “Corruption by a supposedly religious-minded person is really a disgrace,”
  3. Although the first thing many Indians do when they wake up is pray..but still corrupt.
  4. Part of the problem “many people have the impression that [moral ethics] have to be based on religious faith. That is very narrow.”

Look at graph..though PM is on top..i dont wanna say he is corrupt, but he is the one who is running the whole system...control..Mr PM..whoever now..when..and then...

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Friday, July 08, 2011

I dont know, but i am not convinced with this app rating

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What a worthless piece of Journalism --If you follow this

Just looking at two example which one you would like to follow...and refer anyone to follow...It will be very hard decision for a parent to say their child go and read some national daily from India.

Front page...Indian National Daily

Other Daily.

Everytime i try to follow Indian News...worst thing comes...most of my followup comes through RSS/Google news but still.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We should seek the greatest value of our action.

We should seek the greatest value of our action-Stephen Hawking

Seeking answer for what should i do with the life i have got, It will be hard to find better answer than what Stephen Hawking says.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cities with buds

Thursday, March 03, 2011

What have you done:---Monkey Show

This is special story i have seen when i was kid streets of India this kind of show was very common before television take over...

Theme was this monkey circus show master will ask the male monkey to do all kind of funkey roles dancing ..riding bicycle singing ..and at the end holding bowl to ask for money when he thinks he has earned that much after showing fun to public...

Master has to say..dont forget the last everyone will try to give something..there must be something good at the end...I did not understand then much..but now i laugh so hard ..on it...

The master...

Arey Biradar (Hey brother)..

Tumane itana mehnat kiaa (you worked so hard)
Logon ko apana hunnar dikhaya ( you showed your talent to people)
ab jaavoh logon ko bolo kee tumhaare katore mein kuchh daan de..( give something in your bowl)

So waiting eagerly for end after the whole bowl circle of giving few penny to monkey.

At the end when monkey comes to home to his female partner ..master says his wife...

Arey biradar isako kyaa huaa...kyon munh fulake baithi hae...(hey brother what happened to her..why she is upset )

Then female monkey...she will move from one side to other..not looking at male monkey
..from the side..she will look and show angry soon as male monkey goes towards her she will move ..and say something...master will translate...

Biradar ....voh to naaraz hae..gusse mein hae..(brother she is angry and upset)
kyon re chunaki (female name of monkey)..kyaa huaa...(what happened chunaki)
Din bhar mein bachhon ko dekhati huin...(whole day i took care of baby)
bartan dhoti huin...(wash utensils )
ab mein khana nahie pakaaungee (I will not cook now)...

somehow male monkey will understand what master says..and will say something to...
dekh rahe ho bhaiyon...(look at bro ...)
pura din...bandar kee tarah naach naach ke paise kamaaun..aur bolati hae ..mein kuchh nahie kiaa( I worked whole day..doing ..dancing..shows and asking for money...and she thinks i dint do anything....)

---At the end he gets frustration and shows her face..with all makeup and dress...
and says...thats the reason he is busy all day..

---Story goes for while with more comments and fun...but pretty interesting...

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Dream Car

I just wonder if somehow i can manage to have Leyden jar (a device that stores static electricity) as my battery pack and can manage somehow drains in days rather in seconds as it happens with static electricity.

One of the worlds biggest problem of energy crises and loosing valuable materials in terms of battery could be solved.

A Tesla car needs about 1000 pounds of battery to get you 250 miles per charge, same capacity can be achieved just by about 20-100 pounds of capacitive battery (i am using the term don't know it exist.).

What does this mean....A very lightweight, supper efficient and long lasting, lifetime (25 years) charge discharge cycle of car. What more can you ask.

Well...Considering all this, electric plane and rocket wont be difficult to imagine for flying sort distance and ...may be dreaming about flying car wont be bad idea :))

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bad people may make you feel good :)

Nindak Niare rakhiye, aangan kuti chhvaye, Bin pani, bin sabuna, Nirmal Kare subhaye:-Kabir.
Keep your critiques close to you, let their hut be in your courtyard,
That way you don’t need soap n water to cleanse your nature.

Quite often you somehow end up with people who are not good (Some standards its sometime personal and sometime social), most of the time you will be feared of taking advantage of you or you might be considered as one of bad people.

I think its interesting to you know if you don't care what others will say and not following in his/her footsteps, you can learn a lot. They are very good at first level warnings so you can be careful what mistake you can make.

They are the people who will help you to build your image like cleaning without soap if you are with such people its easy to identify ..what you should be not doing and what you should be careful of.

---more later...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Special Date 10/10/10

Today is very special day ...well i have seen 01/01/01 as well, and this is second time i am noticing 10/10/10 next will be even better 11/11/11 ....however if you see all this:

bigger binary number somehow related with binary age, why computer and binary number is everything at the right time ...when
01/01/01 ---bringing internet to every home ...
10/10/10 ...cellphone in every corner and every hand ......
11/11/11 talking face to face to everyone and everywhere .....

Friday, October 08, 2010

What if I am Leading Microsoft or Adobe

First of all, both are great company and both have some great strength in their field...What would i do if i can be head of Microsoft or Adobe

1) Microsoft
Seriously buy Adobe its less than 15bn, its cheap....put my OS strength and let adobe develop its AIR on top of my OS, which would be hardware and OS independent....Make lite apps using existing great cross platform tech, like HTML5, Java script and Flash or simple AIR apps. and release Windobe Phone .... :))

2) Adobe
Tie up with Microsoft for OS and bunch of hardware company specially graphic and processor to build AIR/Adobe support natively fast less memory consuming and nice...Develop my fancy apps as i made the whole internet look great using flash. Do the same charm for it

What else ....should talk to this guys...Apple is great ...why because it brings right product on right of you damn people are know how to do but wait till someone cracks for you or hold urself for money to put more on consumer and so on ....There is no point Logitech to charge 400 for Google tv, or Samsung to charge 700 for galaxy tab....Who will buy if apple is giving u iPad for 500 and TV for 100$ ....

Bring what you have else will die, like Palm, Nokia and may be RIM if it does not do something soon....

Adobe and Microsoft u both have strength come up ....and compete... :), don't follow

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Developed Country are Foundation for Next Modern World.

Past: Europe .. industrialized world became the foundation current modern world US, Japan..Australia

Current: US, Japan ...are becoming the reason to become China, S. Korea, Taiwan and many more country's modernization.

Future: Above two will be nothing but foundation for next modern India, Brazil..and more countries catching up...

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bussiness of Social Networking

Trend of social networking has been constantly evolving, and it’s becoming more and more close to groups, colleagues, friends and family, most of these has been doing pretty well. One thing is still needs improvement social network for business. Here is my category and analysis:

Facebook:--Friends, family and colleagues, and groups, on the business side mostly internet marketing and too much of Viagra and stupid games.

Twiter: Friends, family and colleagues: on the business side mostly events and small news, and announcements.

Linkdin: colleagues, alumni and groups, on the business side mostly profiles/resume and jobs.

I mentioned above because they are leaders and rest on either trying one of above things or not heard.

What really business needs from Social networking:

Stay tuned for answer :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where did i learned?

Millians opinions about how they learned.. i guess learning is pretty much like
casting of metal into something and then later on scouring it until it shines ,
or molding into some peice of art, jwelry or just keep as rock.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th July Celebration in Town

This July we decided to be local and see whats here, for our surprised we had lot of fun,
Parade, Festival, Foods and Firework...with Helicopter ride...Added extra spice...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why I choose iPhone vs other smartphone.

I wrote an article back in 5/2007 What should be my new phone!!! , but i had thought about this since 2004, that time none of these were there. I chose HTC Wizard in 2005 then best, kept until chose blackberry, i was happy with that, but still missing something.

I was still in laptop for many things which i wanted to have in phone. I had most of application i use today in my current phone, skype, browsing, video, radio and online radios on htc wizard (Cingular 8125).

But still lacking, great feeling of touch phone, bad keyboard, sluggish programs, really bad multitasking, worst of all poor browsing.

Last year i jumped into finally a phone i like so far best iPhone 3GS( was waiting for apple to build something they have thought 3 years ago but will do in steps so people keep buying. Example, iPad there will be sure better screen and camera.).

And now i am so happy with iPhone buying iPhone 4 waiting for delivery :))

Whats best......Everything i said worst in other phones

1) Great browsing
2) Best touch the multi-touch
3) Great Music Player
4) Great Video Player
5) Great Apps thats runs fast and efficient.
6) Great Camera (iPhone 4)

What i do with all that...

1) Listen to music while jogging running
2) bathroom news reading
3) bedtime RSS reading.
4) playing with apps and learning things differently (earth, materials, science, politics, books).
5) taking pictures everywhere ..very impressive (Look here its mine from iPhone)

Whats new i am going to do with it...

1) Free phone...installed icall(free with advertisement) and skype (Free toll free number calling)
2) Facetime ..long waited.
3) few movie clips of my own (apart from my Canon T2i, and Sony Fx1)
4) more apps, books, fun, games

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Footprint in 28 States in United States

Last week, i was in Texas Driving truck covering major city and beach. With this i think i have covered as many as 28 states and all major city, few left but i am still here will see more.